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About Us

Exceeding your expectations, but never your budget.

For over 30 years, MP Custom Homes has been specializing in the design & construction of superior, custom built homes.  Building in today’s market is a challenge, and it is one we are fully prepared to meet, by offering top quality materials and workmanship, to ensure you get true value for your investment.

Constructing a new home in 2015 requires a Contractor to be a student of ever tightening building science and efficiency.  It is important to stay educated in, not only the latest trends, but to be able to sift through them, to find the healthiest and wisest choices for your new home.

 Founding partners, John and Peter Groeneweg, got their start in the construction business in 1972.  To be exact, it was the year Canada beat the Russians on the Hockey rink.  In the early days, the brothers concentrated on the concrete business, becoming experts in all aspects relating to the foundations of new homes.  How do you build houses during our cold Canadian winters?  … By carefully babysitting the fresh new foundation, keeping it warm.  Eventually, they moved above the foundation and began framing houses for several local builders.  With these two main ingredients perfected, the natural progression would lead John and Peter to build their first home in 1985.

“Home”, … what a great word.  At MP, our joy is to carefully construct your dream, bringing it to life.  Everyone at MP fully enjoys the work that we do, and that is to create.  We, along with our carefully selected Sub Trades, will put all of our time tested skills to work for you.  We envision the homes, in what might now be a tree lined field.  Perhaps, the most important purchase you will make, the place you call home, is what we were destined to build.  We would consider it a privilege to meet with you, at your convenience, to discuss your future home plans.

Peter De Boer