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The Building Process

Meet With Our Interior Designer
Ashley Bale is the interior and exterior decorator at MP. She assists all clients in picking out everything they need to complete their home! There is a large list of selections to make so we break it up over several appointments all scheduled in advance. Most appointments typically do not go over two hours.

Design Your Kitchens and Bathrooms
The next appointment will be at GCW which will be where we design your kitchen and bathrooms and any other areas that you require cabinetry or countertops. While at GCW you will pick out cabinetry styles, colors, countertops and hardware
Design Your Dream Home
At this point, we will have several others meetings where you be able to make your interior selections i.e. doors, trim, closet layouts, ceiling, hardware, fireplace details, plumbing fixtures, stair details, etc. There will also be a flooring selection and electrical layout meeting.
Final Walkthrough
After our last appointment and once all the rough-ins are done, Ashley will meet with you onsite and walk through the house to make sure everything is laid out how you envisioned it. A lot of people have a hard time envisioning what a house looks like on plans, so this is the time to see it in all its glory! Ashley can also help answer any questions that you may have about the house.