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Enjoy a personal, fully customizable home building experience with MP Custom Homes

MP Custom Homes has been building homes for clients on their personal properties for decades. We would be pleased to help you with your home plans, sharing our expertise with all the steps required to make your dream come true. We offer a complete package for this type of build and have a network of trades and suppliers who come along side to help with everything from permits, water wells, septic field beds, removal of trees or older buildings, to handling local municipality requirements.

If you are considering purchasing a lot in the country or city, we also provide a no-obligation pre-purchase site visit and consultation to determine any possible requirements or pitfalls to the property. This gives peace of mind when planning your dream home.

Contact us today to secure a spot on the calendar for your future home plans.

Why Choose MP?
A complete custom home experience
Since 1985, MP Custom Homes has been specializing in the design & construction of superior, custom-built homes. While we have an extensive catalogue of blueprints, our real strength is in tailoring a plan specifically with your needs in mind. From altering a plan, right up to a full ground up design, this is our sweet spot. This added value gives you a full service “Custom Home” experience, while competing with standard tract style build pricing. We realized early on that no two people are alike, and neither should their new home be. It is our joy to create by listening to our clients to fulfill their personal vision of the dream home. The perfect Oasis. A shelter from the busy world we live in.
A personal in-house design service
MP is a full-service homebuilder, with our own in-house Plan Designer and Interior Decorator. Whether you have your own property, or are selecting a lot from our inventory, we are ready to get to work for you.
Pursuing excellence for your home
We are an award-winning home builder, dedicated to this one purpose, to create. Always exploring new ideas, honing, perfecting, and pursuing excellence. We would be thrilled to explore your future home plans with you.